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What is Therapeutic Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT for short, is the application of low power light energy used for healing, pain reduction and craving reduction. At Turnabout Laser Therapy we use LLLT to achieve a wide variety of therapeutic effects. The treatments are especially effective for smoking cessation, pain management and soft tissue healing, weight management and addiction treatments. Essentially LLLT uses the same premise of acupuncture and acupressure using light stimulation instead of needles. Over 3000 clinical studies have been conducted world wide that have proven the effectiveness of LLLT. 

The use of therapeutic LLLT is safe, painless and drug free as well as effective. There are no known side effects and studies show that up to 80% of people who receive LLLT, respond positively. (Laser Therapy- Clinical Practice & Scientific Background: Tuner and Hode, 2002).

At Turnabout Laser Therapy, we use the Theralase TLC-1000 Laser System. It is a Class lllb laser system using a dual wavelength that can deliver optimal high peak power with no heat and short treatment times using a “Super pulse” system. 

It is Health Canada, FDA and internationally approved and is clinically used by thousands of practitioners globally.

Physiological Effects

Therapeutic effects of laser therapy are commonly referred to as photo stimulation. When Laser light penetrates tissue, it is converted into chemical or physical energy. This is the 2nd law of photochemistry/Stark-Einstein. These forms of energy affect the:

  • ATP Pathway (tissue repair) 

  • Nitric/Oxide Pathway (anti-inflammation)

  • Lipid Absorption Pathway (Pain Elimination)

These three pathways are responsible for the following:

  • Development of new blood cells

  • Increase in Collagen production (main protein building block in tissue)

  • Increase in Muscle Regeneration and a decrease in Muscle Atrophy

  • Decreased Inflammation and Edema

  • Increase in Nerve Regeneration

  • Increase in Cartilage Production

  • Increase in Bone Formation

  • Pain Reduction 

WHY Laser vs Other Treatments Currently In Use?

When compared to other therapies such as TENS, Ultrasound Therapy, Shockwave Therapy and IFC; LLLT uses 6 of the 7 therapy mechanisms. More than any other therapy.

When compared with the same therapies, it has only 2 contraindications (Over uterus in pregnancy and over malignancies) (ALL therapies have these same two) out of 9. All Other therapies have 4-6.

There are so many benefits to cold low level light laser therapy and MANY conditions that can be treated. Click here for a list. 

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