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What Are the Risks?

First off, clarification needs to be made regarding the type of laser equipment we use at Turnabout Laser Therapy. Many people think of “laser surgery” when they hear about laser treatments. Lasers are used commonly in our society and are classified into different categories depending on their risk.

  1. Class l lasers are very safe and are used in CD players, CD Rom’s and Laser printers.

  2. Class II lasers are safe for unintended exposure and are also used in laser printers.

  3. Class llla lasers are  relatively safe even when accidentally exposed and are used in Laser Scanners.

  4. Class lllb are safe when handled properly. Usually no hazard to skin, diffuse reflections are safe and proper eye protection is recommended.

  5. Class lV lasers are considered hazardous to skin, diffuse reflections and may be hazardous as well as they can be a fire hazard. THESE ARE THE SURGICAL LASERS USED BY DOCTORS.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) performed at Turnabout Laser Therapy uses a Class lllb and eye protection is always supplied.

A misconception about lasers is that they emit dangerous radiation. The kind of radiation that is dangerous to humans is ionizing radiation. Low level lasers use non-ionizing radiation. This is the same type of radiation in visible light, infra-red light, radio waves etc.

Note: LLLT was first tested on mice. Studies showed that LLLT did not cause cancer and shaved hair grew back more quickly on treated mice than on untreated shaved mice.

Treatments can be safely performed on people who have pacemakers, implants and growth plates. Please note we are UNABLE to perform treatment on women who are pregnant and any one who has not been cancer free for five years.

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